Editorial Advisory Board

Ros CameronDr Ros Cameron (PhD, FAHRI) is a Research Fellow with Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Australia. She is the Co-Convenor of the Mixed Methods Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM). Ros’s discipline field is human resource management and she is a foundational Board member of the  Prior Learning International Research Centre (PLIRC) based at Thompson Rivers University in BC, Canada. Ros has held four large workforce development research projects for the Australian rail industry and has been granted $1.09AUD million in research funding and has over 80 publications. Her research interests include skills recognition and development, skilled migration, attraction and retention, workforce development, workplace learning, coaching, human capital issues related to the resources sector and mixed methods.

Anthony F. CamilleriAnthony F. Camilleri is engaged with EFQUEL in the position of Quality Services Manager. As part of his portfolio he manages a set of quality certifications for e-learning including UNIQUe for HEIs and ECBCheck for programmes. He has been investigating the linkages between higher education, innovation, quality and open education for the last three years, and in particular has been involved with the Open Education Quality Initiative – OPAL and the OERTest Initiative, where he proposed a learning passport model for recognition of credit gained through open learning. Mr. Camilleri has also been active as a QA Reviewer and trainer of QA reviewers around Europe, for a number of different QA institutions in Higher Education.

Dr Dianne ConradDr Dianne Conrad has been a practicing adult and distance educator for over 30 years, and is currently the Director of the Centre for Learning Accreditation (CLA) and the Director of the Bachelor of General Studies program at Canada’s Athabasca University as well as an Adjunct Professor in AU’s Centre for Distance Education.  Her research interests span the fields of prior learning and assessment and adult, distance, and open education, with a special focus on language and communication in both areas.

Associate Professor Regine Wagner

Associate Professor Regine Wagner is Visiting Fellow, Flexible Learning Institute, Charles Sturt University, NSW Australia. She is a Senior researcher and advocate of the Recognition of Prior Learning in the Australian Higher Education sector for over two decades. Her work extends to work based learning and skills recognition in the community services sector, and for skilled migrants and refugees. Dr Wagner recently co-authored a chapter (Childs & Wagner 2012) and recently presented a workshop at eLmL 2013: Childs & Wagner (2013): Earning formal academic credit through a citizen’s viral and OER learning: What are the implications for mobile, hybrid and online learning?

Dr. Christine WihakDr Christine Wihak is the Director of PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Recognition) at Thompson Rivers University – Open Learning. For the past 5 years, she has taken a leadership role in establishing the Prior Learning International Research Centre, and co-edited the 2011 NIACE publication “Researching the Recognition of Prior Learning” (Harris, Breier & Wihak). She recently co-authored an important think piece: Friesen & Wihak (2012) From OER to PLAR: Credentialing for Open Education


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